About Me

I’m Nishant Dania, a software developer based in Singapore.

I moved to Singapore in November 2017 to work at TradeGecko as a software developer where I specialize in frontend development and occasionally work on backend as well. Before this gig, I was working at Flipkart as a mobile developer and later as a web developer at the same company.

A Fujifilm X100F camera was my best purchase in 2018. I’ve been using it to document my travels since then. I post the ones that I like the most on my Instagram channel or at Unsplash. The picture above was taken at Lake Marian in New Zealand in September 2018.

I strongly believe that you should learn as much as you can from the world around you and this act of learning should be consistent and should never stop. Occasionally (hopefully consistently in the future) I share my learnings and ideas on my blog.

You can reach out to me at nishantdania@gmail.com for a fast response or find me on Twitter, LinkedIn, Github and Instagram.