Ghost & Gatsby Part 4 - Setting up AWS CodeBuild for auto deploying the site

This is the last part of the series of posts to setup your personal website using GatsbyJS and Ghost deployed on AWS.

Create a git repository for your project and push the code that we generated in the previous post to this repo.

Open the CodeBuild console. Make sure that the Region selected in the top left corner is that same as your S3 bucket. In my case, it is N. Virginia.

Click Create Build Project.

Enter a Name.

Choose Github in the Source provider field.

Click Connect to Github and grant access.

Choose Repository in my GitHub account option.

Select the repository of your Gatsby project.

Click Additional Configuration in the Source section and click Rebuild every time a code change is pushed to this repository. This will send a webhook to rebuild your project when you push any change.

Choose Ubuntu in the Operating system field.

Choose Nodejs as the Runtime.

Choose the 10.14.1 in the Runtime version field.

Choose New Service Role in the Service role section.

Leave everything else to default and click Create Build Project.

Giving CodeBuild the access to the S3 bucket

Open the IAM console.

Click Policies in the sidebar.

Search for AmazonS3FullAccess policy.

Click the Policy usage tab.

If you can see your codebuild role that you created earlier in the list here, you can skip attaching it again. Else continue.

Click Attach.

Select the codebuild role that you created in the previous section and click Attach Policy.

Adding a buildspec.yml file

Create a file called buildspec.yml in the root of your project and enter the following (Replace with your bucket name):

version: 0.1
    - npm install --global yarn
    - npm install --global gatsby-cli
    - yarn
    - gatsby build
    - aws s3 sync public s3:// --delete

Commit this file and push to master branch. This will trigger a build in the AWS CodeBuild.

You should now have a running Gatsby site on your domain.

Whenever you publish an new blog from the Ghost editor, you can head over to the CodeBuild Dashboard and click Start Build. This will create the new static files from your Ghost blog and deploy your site.

I hope this series was useful to you. You can now configure your website in whichever way you want. The code for my personal blog is hosted at Github. Feel free to use this as a reference if you want. For any questions/doubts/issues, head over to the Ghost Gatsby Spectrum channel.

Cheers !